Antonella De Chiara

Hi, I’m Antonella and I do gamedev. 😎

Born as a web developer, I started to study video game programming by myself to publish my own games.

I’ve always been passionate about video games since I was a young. I started playing with Super Mario and Alien 3 on Super Nintendo, and with Monkey Island and Prince of Persia on Amiga

My path is atypical. After a journalistic career in Italy, always in video games, I moved to France to change my life. Not having the funds to pay for a video school, I opted for the web and continued to study alone on different platforms.

After eight years on the web, I decided to fully enter in the world of video games by initially creating them on mobile. I have released five games on android, and have more in progress – my only problem is figuring out how to make it commercial.

D4F Games Apps

I have been programming on Unity3D for five years now. I also program with Phaser and Lua, and, at the same time, I am studying Unreal Engine for more than a year.

This year I also obtained a Game Designer certification, thanks to the supervision of Benoît Freslon, a casual gaming and mobile expert.

I am working for two emerging studios, C-Skål Productions S.r.l and D4F Games, as lead developer.

For D4F Games I’m working on a self-published platformer called Cat Dimension, scheduled for Steam and made with Unity3D, while for C-Skål on a Survival Horror demo on Unreal Engine 5.

Always fascinated by new multimedia technologies, I trained myself on programming to complete my training as a Video Game Developer. I like to mix code and modern design to finally get a perfect mix.

Antonella De Chiara


  • Expertise in all areas of game programming, including development, coding, and troubleshooting
  • Proficient in Adobe, JavaScript, C++, Lua, .Net, and Visual Basic
  • Leadership abilities to organize and direct group of creative individuals to work as cohesive team? Understanding of product conception
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to troubleshoot and problem-solve
  • Commitment to continuing education to stay on target with current and future technologies
  • Comfortable working independently and in team setting

Sudoku Quest (0:20) Game available on Google Play:
Er Trippa (1:00) Game available on Google Play:
Cat Dimension (1:43) Game in development:
The Hidden Island (6:00) Game in development: